Friday, April 07, 2017

My Favorite Author - Tuvia Tenenbom

I met Tuvia and his wife just shy of a year ago on April 20, 2016. They were sitting outside a popular coffee shop on Aggripas Street (a block over from Jaffa Road), not too far from King George Street in Jerusalem. At the time I had just started reading his second book I Sleep in Hitler's Room: an American jew visits germany. I had already read Catch the Jew!

I recognized him, but briefly hesitant to bother him, kept walking. . . . However and without my permission, my feet turned me around to face him: "Tuvia?!" He said, "Yes!" We hugged like old friends, he introduced me to his wife, and the three of us spent the rest of the afternoon talking. 

Fast forward. Recently, I stopped at Steimatzky's book store at the mall here in Akko, and the proprietor of the store, always one step ahead of me, had Tuvia's latest book The Lies They Tell waiting for me (along with a couple of other books she knew I'd like).

Tuvia is an amazing story teller! Once you pick up his book -- any of the 3 -- it's really hard to put down.

Tuvia is on the Internet here:

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