Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Detail Ludwig Wittgenstein by Anna Karelina at deviantART

"What Renan calls the 'bon sens precoce' of the semitic races (an idea which had occurred to me too a long time ago) is their unpoetic mentality, which heads straight for what is concrete. This is characteristic of my philosophy. Things are placed right in front of our eyes, not covered by any veil. -- This is where religion and art part company."
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"It's a good thing I don't allow myself to be influenced!
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"Nothing we do can be defended absolutely and finally. But only by reference to something else that is not questioned. I.e. no reason can be given why you should act (or should have acted) like this, except that by doing so you bring about such and such a situation, which again has to be an aim you accept."

"I read: "... philosophers are no nearer to the meaning of "Reality" than Plato got, ...." What a strange situtation. How extraordinary that Plato could have got even as far as he did! Or that we could not get any further! Was it because Plato was so extremely clever?"
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"The works of great masters are suns which rise and set around us. The time will come for every great work that is now in the descendent to rise again."

Quotes from Culture and Value, Translated by Peter Winch 1980, P15e
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