Thursday, October 30, 2014


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 
& Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, former Chief of the IDF General Staff 
at the Syrian Border 

Photo Government Press Office

June 27 2015 Border Police Officer came across an injured owl and the IDF immediately evacuated her to the Israeli Wildlife and Rehabilitation Center, Tel Aviv,  for treatment  
(photo IDF)

IDF Beduin Trackers
Photo IDF

IDF Soldier

Unable to locate photo credit

IDF Oketz Officer on the right with his soldier
 Photo IDF

IDF Soldier in his  Mirkavah Tank July 20, 2014
Photo Menahem Kahana
IAF Chopper 1

 Photo IAF

IAF Chopper 2  

Photo IDF

IAF Fighter Pilot in his Jet Feb 24 2014

Then there's the IDF S-13 Seadevils Navy Commandos
Israeli Navy Commandos
Photo INF
Israeli Warship
Photo INF

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