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Picture of memorial in Warsaw
The Warsaw Ghetto October 12 1940 - May 1943
The 3-meter-high ghetto wall limiting access for Jewish residents evicted from districts in the town of Warsaw, began April 1, 1940, at the expense and subsequent administration of the Judenrat led by Adam Czerniaków (November 30, 1880-July 23, 1942) in collaboration with the Nazis, not having much choice because the council was a puppet institution and entirely dependent on German authorities, and obligated to fulfill the orders given them. 

Governor General Hans Frank had ordered the roundup of the Jews sending them to the Ghetto, approximately 2.4% the size of Warsaw.

January 18, 1943, after nearly 4 months without deportations, Nazis entered the Ghetto and within hours shot approximately 600 Jews and rounded up 5000 more killing at random.... April 19, 1943, several thousand Nazi troops under Jürgen Stroop demolished the ghetto buildings a block at a time ending with the destruction of the Great Synagogue, May 16, 1943. Over 56,000 Jews were killed or shipped to death camps, most of them to Treblinka.  

The section where these buildings are still standing has long been abandoned and the pictures of former residents placed on the buildings. (Photographs of this building with the pictures can be found on Google Images from several sites including National Geographic and NBC News).
The Great Synagogue, Warsaw 1912 built between 1875 and 1878 on Tlomackie Street, architect Leandro Marconi, destroyed by the SS May 16, 1943.

Death toll from deportations to extermination camps, Großaktion Warschau, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and subsequent razing of the ghetto, estimates at least 300,000.

Antek Icchak Cukierman, December 13 1915 Vilnius to  June 17 1981 Ghetto Fighters Kibbutz Lohamey ha-Geta'ot, Israel, leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. 

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