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March 21, 1965 Selma, Alabama
Front from far left:
John Lews, nun unknown, Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Sr., Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Bunch, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Frederick Douglas Rees.

2nd row between King and Bunch, Rabbi Maurice Davis


From Michael Curtis on The American Thinker, today, June 2, 2013 notes in his piece entitled:

Who Cares what Alice Walker or Elvis Costello say about Israel?

.... Now, the novelist Alice Walker, who last year refused to have her book, "The Color Purple" translated into Hebrew and published in Jerusalem, is calling on the singer-musician Alicia Keys to boycott Israel and cancel a scheduled concert there. Walker is not usually regarded as a revered spiritual leader but she has informed the younger Keys that her soul is in danger if she performs in Israel.... Alice Walker, in giving her unwanted advice, might remember that the words "So when you meet those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when you have overcome them, then make them prisoners," come from the Koran, Sua 47,4-5, not from the Israeli handbooks of how to treat strangers on the beaches of Tel Aviv or in the Israeli Museum in Jerusalem....  

From June 20, 2013, notes in his piece entitled:
'Color Purple' Author's New Book Slammed as a 'New Low' in Anti-Semitic Content

The Cushion in the Road features a section dubbed "On Palestine," which takes up a fourth of the overall book's pages. It's replete with comparisons of modern-day Israel to Nazi Germany and proclamations that Israel should not be allowed to exist. The book also makes attempts to justify terrorism against Israelis saying Palestinians should not be blamed for terror bombings in Israel.

Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti Defamation League, slams Walker's new book saying, "Alice Walker has taken her extreme and hostile views to a shocking new level." .... "Alice Walker has sunk to new lows with essays that remove the gloss of her anti-Israel activism to reveal someone who is unabashedly infected with anti-Semitism," Foxman said in a press release.....



From Richard Friedman in The Wall Street Journal, June 9, 2013, notes in his piece entitled:
Alicia Keys, Israel and Civil Rights
The analogy between African-Americans in the era of segregation and Palestinians today is a false one.

.... It also wouldn't hurt to remind people like Ms. Walker that no less a civil-rights leader than Martin Luther King Jr. was a fierce supporter of Israel. Days before his assassination in 1968, he said that "Israel is one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy."

Bayard Rustin, who organized the March on Washington in 1963, also believed in Israel's cause. In the late 1960s, when some black activists began denouncing Zionism and Jews generally, Rustin cautioned against joining "in history's oldest and most shameful witch hunt, anti-Semitism." .... 


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