Saturday, January 05, 2008

antizionism = antisemitism

The resurrection of Israel, especially after the Shoah, when more than Hitler and Germany were hoping for the "final solution to the Jewish Question", must have been a shock to the atheists and antisemites both real and latent, and to the rest of the world whose Christian populations believe they replaced the Jews as G-d's chosen 2000 years ago. The Arab states make little bones about how they feel about the Jewish State, which to their chagrin sits right in their very midst.

Antizionism, coming from those same groups, which seeks to eliminate the Jewish State, is therefore as much antisemitic as The Camps and Hitler's Final Solution.

The question now is: What do the proponents of Israel's destruction, either by bombing it out of existence or disassembling the State, intend to do with us -- the five million Jewish Israelis who live here and the five million Jews in the Diaspora?

We did not lay down and die or melt into surrounding populations and abandon Judaism ever before in history... we are not about to do so now.

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Robert Scott Kellner said...

A few weeks ago, a young lady in Holon, Israel, with the nickname of "Ilanushkah," created a YouTube video about my German grandfather, Friedrich Kellner, who was a justice inspector during the time of the Third Reich. As a Social Democrat, Friedrich Kellner campaigned against the Nazis in the 1920's and 30's. During the war, he kept a diary to record Nazi crimes. His diary will be on exhibit at the Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library in May. In November, a Canadian documentary about the diary, "My Opposition - the Diaries of Friedrich Kellner," will be shown at the United Nations to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

The Israeli girl did a wonderful job creating the video, and it is getting a lot of praise, yet it is also attracting some neo-Nazi types and Holocaust deniers. YouTube has deleted some of the vile posts. I am hoping that you, and perhaps some of your friends, would take a few minutes to view the video. The increased number of views will help to keep the hostile views in perspective, to dilute the percentage of such views. At present, about 2,300 people have looked at the video.
This is the link to the Kellner diary video:

At the YouTube site, you will find links to Wikipedia articles about Friedrich Kellner. A very dramatic story about my courageous grandfather is online at Jewish World Review, which has reprinted an article that appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Please do accept my apology if I am intruding in any way by asking for your help in this matter. I realize that this is kind of like “spamming,” and I feel quite awkward doing it. I know you will find the video very helpful in this current fight against anti-Semitism.
Thank you,
Dr. Robert Scott Kellner (University of Massachusetts, Ph.D. 1977), College Station, Texas