Saturday, November 24, 2007


Disengagement did not work: it emboldened enemies of Israel and Jews everywhere. The reason mass murder by human bombs in Israel is down is because of increased security measures provided by special guard units and the Israeli Defense Forces -- numerous attempts are made every day to attack Israelis and are thwarted. Rockets are still being fired into the Negev on a daily basis resulting in property damage and injury to civilians, some of them children. And, increased threats, despite Israeli concessions and prisoner releases over the past few months.

One report today by The Jerusalem Post's Palestinian reporter Khaled Abu Toameh, under the title Hamas 'to step up attacks' after summit, says: "On the eve of the US-sponsored peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland, Hamas has stepped up its threats against Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israel, saying it will increase its attacks on Israel after the parley" and that Hamas also "claims deadlier rockets headed for Israel can be developed in a short period."

If Abbas could deliver any of his "promises", he would be dead already.

Division of Jerusalem would provide a wide range of new targets and putting hundreds of thousands of civilian Israelis in danger of loss of life, dismemberment, and other permanent injury. No other country in the world would endanger its population is such a manner. Nor would it even consider dividing its capital city.

If unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip did not work -- but in fact backfired with the election of Hamas -- what makes President Bush and Foreign Minister Rice (and as of this week, January 18, 2008, Ehud Olmert, who would rather accuse Jews of wrong doing [see Fundamentally Freund: The real disgrace])
think that dividing Jerusalem is going to work?

And, do they think that 5,000,000 Israeli Jews are going to stand by and allow their capital city -- the ancient City of David -- to be divided?



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Hi there! Cool Blog! Keep it up! I liked the poetry stuff:)Ze'ev

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from the other side of the Atlantic, keep it up


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Ironic that I should get your invitation today. Bush meets with Abbas and your PM today. Good luck with whatever outcome there may be.
Boyd Lanier, Texas

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Nice blog, Yo!

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